Online Student Information Management

A general Purpose System for Managing Student Information in Higher Learning Institution.

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Courses And Programs Management

Allows Management of various courses offered by the college/institute/university

Student Admission and Registration

Registration Number Generations, Class enrollments & charges, Students Information management(Background info, education, admission status), New classes generator (automated), New students importation and enrollments, Class status updating (Graduated, postpone, retake, disco, class jump(level up or down),resume and more), Students Removals (students disposals and recovery), Registrations summary statistics, Students identity cards generation and Management

Students Admissions (Online vs Manual)

Online courses application system (diploma and masters), Application fee payments management, Students selection (Automated and Manual process) and downloading to the system

Student's Tuition /Fee Bills And Payments (Online Vs Manual)

Students payments account book management, Bank payments, Students loans management, Students sponsors, Fee structures, Generating of payments receipts,

Students Academic Records Management System

Academic Staff Management, Modules management, Module category management settings

Grading systems & schemes (GPA, score ranges grading, Credits calculation modalities)

The system allows customizing grading and Score calculation formulae. The system gives options to define different criteria for calculation and summarizing results for different academic years. The system adopts automatically to changes in the Grading of scores criteria’s.

Examination results Management

Classes Examinations/Tests management, Students exam scores Management, Results Release controls Per student and per academic department or per campus, Per course students results, Results summary and performance statistics (Work in progress), Best v/s worst students analysis reports (work in progress)

Academic Reports generator Generation System

A comprehensive generator of excel/pdf reports of Single student results (annual /semester), Single class/course results (annual / semester reports) Semester course results, Annual summary results, Overall general summary of results i.e First year to last year Results Transcripts and Statements reports (pdf, excel), Summary reports (annual summary, semester summary, semester results)

Timetable Publications and Management System

The system allows management of college/institute/school class/examination timetables for various subjects. Gives options to manage classrooms and class blocks The system also detects and prevents adding and creating of collisions. It does not allow setting same teacher different rooms/classes at the same time. It prevents adding multiple classes with different subjects on the same class room at the same time with different teacher or same teacher. When you manage timetable with this system (No timetable collisions will occur.

Hostels and Accommodations Management System

This section allows management of students Hostels and room management. Students will be apply to apply for accommodations (room application, meals accommodation and other services offered as Hostel package services)

Lecture Course Evaluations System (Quality Control And Management)

Allows creating of course evaluation where students will evaluate their lectures per semester based on the modules they were taught. Allows Generation of Course Evaluation Summary Reports

Users Management System

Creating and managing users for departments, accounts, teachers and students, Disable/Enable user account, Depositions of students accounts in case of graduating, discontinued or other status, User profile Management, Users Activities tracking and logging (for security auditing purposes), Users self-registrations (students and academic staff members), User Account password recovery (via email) or via admin control panel,

Security Features

Strong password Encryption, User Password Policies, Regular Backups of Data, Data Archives System, Short User Sessions Timeout - 15 minutes, Short User Sessions Timeout - 15 minutes, Short User Sessions Timeout - 15 minutes, SSL Utilization, Blocking of Profile Navigation, SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting is Prevented, QR Coded PDF Reports, Metadata Embedded on EXCEL/PDF reports and Password Locked Files,

Integration With External Systems

CRDB api for online payments
NECTA api for students verifications
ACTE api for diploma verifications
Finance & Accounting Packages Integration


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